Our History 2000 – 2019


Ennis factory expands again.

2001 was an excellent year for spirometer sales, with record sales of both the Vitalograph 2120 and the Vitalograph ALPHA. The Ennis factory is expanded to meet demand.


Launch of the Pneumotrac, one of Vitalograph’s most successful products.

In late 2002 Vitalograph won a contract to became the main contractor in a major respiratory clinical trial on a new respiratory medicine with centralised electronic data capture. This included a sophisticated QA over-read system. At this time most clinical trials were still paper based, being fully electronic was unusual and a major strategic advantage for Vitalograph.


Vitalograph Reports software launched.

The very successful Vitalograph Reports is launched to give free report generation facility to the 2120 and the re-launched Vitalograph Micro.


Launch of the 4000 Series respiratory monitors.

In 2007 Vitalograph moved into new purpose built offices to accommodate the growing business and special facilities for clinical research security.

This year also saw the launch of the 4000 series respiratory monitors, starting with the asma-1 and the highly innovative copd-6.

Spirometry Over-Read Services, long used in clinical trials, commenced in primary care practices.


DBA Design Award for the 4000 Series.

The copd-6 device won a prestigious DBA Design Award. Later in the year USB and serial comms versions of the 4000 series devices were launched.

An extended range of BVFs to fit most spirometers and PF Lab equipment was also launched this year.


Bluetooth Respiratory Monitors for home use.

The highly successful 4000 series Bluetooth versions are launched along with developer’s kits to aid applications software designers in connectivity. Real-time home respiratory monitoring becomes a reality, now offered by many service providers in this growing sector of healthcare.

The Bluetooth® word, mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Vitalograph is under license.



In2itive and ALPHA Touch.

The In2itive hand-held spirometer and e-diary, as well as a new ALPHA and the ALPHA Touch spirometer are launched this year.


Launch of the new Aerosol Inhalation Monitor.

The new DPI and MDI inhaler tester is launched in generic form and in the highly successful OEM form.

Sales of Bluetooth 4000 series respiratory monitors also take off this year with CRO and e-diary companies, particularly in USA.

AIM Device


A year of growth.

In 2012 demand for devices, particularly the In2itive increased significantly. The service side of the business including technical support is made global with the Hong Kong office.

With rapid growth, many new employees are recruited in Vitalograph Inc, Vitalograph Ltd and Vitalograph (Ireland) Ltd.

Vitalograph GmbH realises the group’s first virtual warehouse operations as sales increase rapidly.

Hong Kong Office 2


The golden anniversary year.

After several years of development, this 50th year for the company sees the commencement of the first clinical trial with the Vitalograph Bluetooth 12-lead EGC, integrated into Spirotrac software.

A new version of the COMPACT is launched now a medical work-station, no longer simply a spirometer.

Vitalograph celebrates 50 Years with a garden party celebrated by all staff and commercial partners from 50 countries.

Joseph Garbe joins Vitalograph in October as estate manager, leaving his former career as a journalist.


Expansion in Ennis.

The Vitalograph facility in Ennis, Ireland buys an adjacent factory unit expanding its facilities by 25% to accommodate the growing workforce due to increasing software sales and web-based services. Research and development facilities are updated and more engineers employed to realise an ambitious new product plan.


Launch of the Vitlaograph micro.

The Vitalograph micro is launched and immediately became a very successful product.

Buckingham University launches a medical school offering a condensed 4.5 year MB ChB degree, the only university in the UK to offer specialist General Practitioner training. Vitalograph donates spirometry and ECG equipment to the medical school as well as providing ongoing training for course leaders.

Vitalograph starts a partnership with Cardio Analytics for quality cardiac training and over-read service for clinical trials.



The development of the VitaloJAK.

This year saw the launch of a new volume displacement spirometer, a rolling seal Vitalograph Gold Standard.

Work with Manchester Hospitals University Trust starts to come to fruition with successful clinical testing of a new jointly-developed product to enable accurate ambulatory cough recordings.

Vitalograph starts a business partnership with Morgan Scientific Inc., based in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

In September the International ERS Congress came to London for the first time since the merger of the SEP and SEPCR to form the ERS. Vitalograph celebrates this with our staff and guests from many countries. Many of our international guests stayed for two nights for a series of presentations and meetings.


VitaloJAK is used in clinical trials.

Vitalograph launches myPEF, a new highly accurate peak flow meter, with integral case. Despite its small size, the scale is longer, giving more discrimination than any competitive mechanical peak flow meter.

Due to services supporting the first commercial income from the VitaloJAK cough analysis system in clinical trials, Vitalograph expands its facilities in Ennis Ireland, creating over 50 new jobs and is set to expand further.


Launch of the Eco BVF.

This year saw the launch of the Eco BVF (Bacterial-Viral Filter for lung function testing retaining the 99.99% efficiency of the standard BVF but with half the plastic and shipping volume.

In September 2018 Bernard Garbe steps down as managing director of the Vitalograph Group, but remains involved as chairman of the board of directors. Frank Keane is appointed as chief executive officer for the group.

The VitaloJAK system is in widespread use in global studies on antitussive medicines research.

Helen Venn (granddaughter of the company founders) joins Vitalograph in an important strategic projects role. David Garbe moves to the Vitalograph Inc. office in Kansas City to take up the position of program manager for clinical studies USA.

BSI awards Vitalograph certification to the new Medical Device Regulations (MDR replaces the Medical Devices Directive).

In November Vitalograph celebrates 50 years of exhibiting at the Medica in Dusseldorf, having exhibited every year since the first one in 1968.




Vitalograph achieves MDSAP

Vitalograph achieves Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) certification. This is a program that allows a single regulatory audit of a medical device manufacturer’s quality management system to satisfy the requirements of multiple regulatory jurisdictions including the FDA.

The VitaloJAK system is updated and improved. It continues to be in demand for clinical studies with its enhanced features and much-reduced size and weight. 

Due to the imminent Brexit, Vitalograph moves Notified Body from UK to the Netherlands, changing the CE Mark number from CE 0086 to CE2797.

The University of Buckingham Medical School received General Medical Council (GMC) accreditation for its MB ChB degree in May 2019, Vitalograph continues to provide technical support and training.

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