The chain mediating role of C-reactive protein and triglyceride-glucose index between lung function and cognitive function in a systemic low-grade inflammation state

This prospective cohort study examined whether serum CRP and the triglyceride-glucose index explained the association between lung function and subsequent cognitive function impairment in subjects with systemic low-grade inflammation; the study was conducted in 1742 middle-aged and elderly adults (age ≥50 years) in England who were enrolled in ELSA.

Improvements in objective and subjective measures of chronic cough with gefapixant: A pooled Phase 3 efficacy analysis of predefined subgroups

This pooled analysis examined the efficacy of gefapixant versus placebo in predefined subgroups of patients with refractory or unexplained chronic cough enrolled in the Phase 3 COUGH-1 and COUGH-2 trials; data were examined in 1360 subjects, according to sex, geographic region, age, cough duration, cough severity, coughs/hour over 24 hours, and primary diagnosis.

The Timed Up and Go test predicts frailty in patients with COPD

This cross-sectional study evaluated the ability of the Timed Up and Go test (an integrated tool for assessing lower extremity muscle strength, gait speed, balance and cognition) to identify frailty in 520 patients with clinically stable COPD, as compared with 150 control subjects without respiratory disease.

SPACE FOR COPD delivered as a maintenance programme on pulmonary rehabilitation discharge: Protocol of a randomised controlled trial evaluating the long-term effects on exercise tolerance and mental well-being

This paper described the rationale for and design of a prospective, multicenter, single-blind, randomized controlled trial that will examine the efficacy of a novel maintenance program, as compared with usual care, on exercise tolerance and mental well-being following pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with COPD.