Randomised controlled trial testing effectiveness of feedback about lung age or exhaled CO combined with very brief advice for smoking cessation compared to very brief advice alone in North Macedonia: Findings from the Breathe Well group

This multicenter, randomized trial examined the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of lung age or exhaled carbon monoxide feedback combined with very brief advice to prompt smoking cessation, as compared with very brief advice alone, in 1368 smokers in North Macedonia.

Efficacy and safety of combination behavioral activation for smoking cessation and varenicline for treating tobacco dependence among individuals with current or past major depressive disorder: A 2 × 2 factorial, randomized, placebo-controlled trial

This randomized, placebo-controlled study examined the efficacy and safety of behavioral activation for smoking cessation versus standard behavioral treatment (with each treatment administered in combination with placebo or varenicline) in 300 adult smokers with current or past major depressive disorder.

Methods of objectifying

This review outlined the most widely used subjective and objective methods for measuring cough, including an overview of their advantages and limitations for use in both research and clinical practice.

Real-life effectiveness of indacaterol/glycopyrronium/mometasone for symptomatic relief of cough after switching from inhaled corticosteroid/long-acting β2-agonist therapy in patients with asthma: REACH study design

This paper describes the design of REACH, an 8-week real-life study that will examine the efficacy of indacaterol acetate/glycopyrronium bromide/mometasone furoate, as compared with a high-dose inhaled corticosteroid/long-acting β2-agonist, in asthmatic patients with refractory cough.