ECG Solutions

Expert cardiac analysis and range of ECG devices to meet cardiac safety and ECG endpoint requirements.

We employ a range of ECG device options to suit your protocol ECG endpoint and cardiac safety monitoring requirements. ECG data is captured and seamlessly centralized with other study data, viewable via the Vitalograph Web Portal.

We manage centralized ECG analysis (expert cardiologist review) via our Web Portal for expert and timely feedback direct to the Investigator Site and Sponsor Medical Monitors. Our Cardiac Analysts and Cardiologists will over-read, measure and review every ECG, to ensure accurate endpoint data such as QT/QTc, as well as provide interpretations and alerts to support safety monitoring of subjects throughout the duration of your clinical trial.

Our team of experts are available to help you choose the best devices, advise on endpoints and develop monitoring and reporting strategies that will assure data quality and cardiac safety.

This easy-to-use centralized service provides high-quality ECG data through an integrated system that includes expert Cardiac Analyst and Cardiologist review within short turnaround times.

Our BT-12 and ECG Spirotrac software analysis and interpretation come as standard using the world class University of Glasgow interpretation algorithm which provides detailed diagnostic suggestions and evaluation of results for the Investigators, then the data is expertly over-read by trained, expert cardiologists.

  • Easy to use ECG device options.
  • Cardiac safety.
  • Optimum enrolment.
  • Timely Cardiologist analysis.
  • Quality ECG endpoint data.
  • Centralized data collection.
  • Over-Read service for accurate and reliable data.
  • Quality feedback to sites.
  • Data viewable via Vitalograph Web Portal for informed decision making.
  • Email alert to Investigator and Medical Monitors based on any Cardiologist findings.
  • 12 Lead ECG Device Options:
    • Rest (USB and BT)
  • Centralized ECG data capture.
  • Expert Cardiac Analyst and Cardiologist analysis and review
  • Short turnaround times


ECG Parameters:
HR[/min] Heart Rate
RR[ms] R-R interval
P[ms] Duration of the P wave
PQ[ms] Duration of the PQ interval
ST[ms] Duration of the ST segment
PR[ms] Duration of the PR interval
QRS[ms] Duration of the QRS complex
QT[ms] Q-T interval
QTc[ms] Q-T interval, corrected by the heart rate with options Fridericia, Framingham, Bazett and Hodges

Technical Specification

ProductBT12 ECG Model 4130
Dimensions W x H x D6.1cm x 10.6cm x 2.3cm
Weight, incl. cable210 g incl. batteries (154 g without batteries)
Power supply2 * AA batteries (1.5 V) or rechargeable batteries (1.2 V)
Data transmissionWireless, standard Bluetooth 2.1
ElectrodesStandard clip ECG electrodes
Signal OutputMissing signal/connection termination
Electrode loss
Sample Rate500Hz
Digital Resolution2.6 μV
Bandwidth0.05 HZ – 150 Hz digital