Message from our CEO Frank Keane

Due to the current impact of the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus situation globally, we are continuing to monitor the effect this may have on our business worldwide.

Vitalograph’s manufacturing site is based in Ireland, but as a multinational company with a complex supply chain, we source some parts in China. Similar to the majority of global companies, our ability to supply product could be affected due to restrictions in China. In the last three weeks parts have begun to flow from China and our sub-suppliers are back to full production capacity. We anticipate little, or no, disruption to our incoming supply chain.

As a global company, we have warehouses in multiple countries holding adequate levels of stock to meet current customer needs. We also have a wide range of products allowing a supply of alternative items should short term stock issues arise. We are seeing a manageable slowing of 2-3 days on outgoing logistics in Europe.

This week there has been further travel restrictions imposed in Europe and we expect further measures to be imposed across Europe and the US. We are prepared for this and invoked Business Continuity Plan (BCP) measures at all sites in the middle of February, including remote working, staggered breaks and dispersed workforce. We practice a robust BCP process, aligned to ISO 22301, tested regularly at all sites.

Our Company Mission is “To improve patient lives through supporting our customers and partners by designing and manufacturing market leading products and services”. This is a mission we take very seriously, and our employees live and breathe it on a daily basis. Due to the respiratory effects of COVID-19 we are doubling our efforts to ensure we can fulfil our mission and help those in most need at this time.


Frank Keane Signature Frank Keane CEO

Frank Keane CEO

For Patients

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call your country’s emergency phone number immediately. Be sure to tell them of any exposure you may have had to COVID-19.

Reputable Links

To make sure you get accurate information on the coronavirus (COVID-19), resources are available from the following reputable websites which have content specifically for patients with pre-existing lung conditions or disability:




  • Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis (UK): Coronavirus Information patients and their families wih pulmonary fibrosis
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (USA): COVID-19 Resources
  • Cystic Fibrosis



    • Duchenne UK: Updates and advice from Duchenne UK's cofounders on coronavirus (COVID-19)
    • Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (USA): PPMD COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information Center

    • Frequently Asked Questions

      • Should I monitor my lung function at home?

        You should follow guidance from your healthcare provider with regard to monitoring your lung function at home.

      • For Healthcare Professionals

        Reputable links

        To make sure you get accurate information on the coronavirus (COVID-19), resources are available from the following reputable websites:

        Frequently Asked Questions about Vitalograph Devices & COVID-19

        • Can we use spirometry devices to detect COVID-19?
          No, spirometers cannot be used to detect COVID-19. They are lung function testing devices. Measurements obtained from lung function tests form part of the various findings used by a physician in the detection, diagnosis and control of lung diseases and disorders.
        • Is it still safe to carry out spirometry testing due to COVID-19?
          Yes. Vitalograph has produced guidance on how to safely continue spirometry testing with respect to COVID-19. National guidance has also been released regarding respiratory testing with respect to COVID-19 (see ‘Reputable Links’ section above for national responses).
        • Does cleaning the spirometer reduce the risk of getting COVID-19?
          Cleaning the exterior surfaces of the spirometer which are in contact with the patient with a 70% IPA wipe after every patient significantly reduces the risk of it acting as a vector for transmission of COVID-19. Additionally it is important that a new BVF is used for every patient as these offer a high level of protection from cross infection to the healthcare professional as well as subsequent patients.
        • What infection control measures should be taken during spirometry with relation to COVID-19?
          The most effective way to reduce the chances of transmission of COVID-19 or any other infectious agent is to use a new BVF for every patient and to clean the exterior surfaces of the spirometer that contact the patient with a 70% IPA wipe after every patient. See ‘Reputable Links’ section for national responses.
        • Do BVFs reduce the risk of transfer of COVID-19?
          Our BVFs meet ERS recommended standards and provide a very high level of protection from cross infection from bacteria and viruses including COVID-19, with > 99.999% efficiency. (View or download our certificate of cross-infection efficiency).
        • Is Vitalograph operational during this pandemic?
          Yes indeed. We have moved as many personnel to work from home as possible, but we are fully operational.
        • Does Vitalograph have inventory of testing equipment on hand?
          We currently have inventory on hand and are increasing manufacturing from Ireland as quickly as possible.
        • Can Vitalograph equipment track respiratory functioning from home?
          We do have inexpensive monitors available for home use with and without Bluetooth or USB connection.
        • How does Covid-19 affect the lungs?
          The virus targets cells in the lungs to infiltrate and then replicates copies of itself. This action can cause serious inflammation and possible pneumonia.
        • Are asthma, COPD, CF or other respiratory compromised patients at greater risk?
          Yes, the virus can be especially harmful to those with underlying medical conditions.
        • Can BVF filters be fitted to masks or ventilators?
        • How do I clean my units on site?
          Setup a cleaning on site routine (see our recommended cleaning instructions).
        • Can I run unlimited tests daily on a flow head?
          You should allow rotation of use between devices with very high volumes along with a new BVF for every patient for optimal operation.
        • How do I prevent cross contamination from patient to patient?
          Consistent use of a new BVF for every patient and routine surface cleaning of the device with 70% alcohol are amongst the recommended safety procedures. See ‘Reputable Links’ section for relevant national guidance.
        • What defines daily cleaning vs deep cleaning?
          Daily cleaning is typically a wipe down of the external surfaces with alcohol, while deep cleaning is disassembly and cleaning of the entire flow head.

        How to perform Spirometry during COVID-19

        Useful tools/resources for Spirometer hygiene:

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