11th Annual Pediatric Asthma Conference

Please join us for the Nationwide Children’s virtual 11th Annual Pediatric Asthma Conference which runs from May 6th to May 7th 2021. 

We are launching the new Pneumotrac™ Spirometer with Spirotrac 6 Software which meets 2019 ATS/ERS standardization of spirometry guidelines.  All spirometers have a 5-year warranty and free SpiroTutor online training (US and Canada only) and certification with every purchase.

Visit our virtual booth or talk to L. Janson Lanier or Jay Wrisley

Conference website: https://www.nationwidechildrens.org/specialties/asthma-program/meet-our-team/pediatric-asthma-conference




6 May to 7 May 2021