Emirates Thoracic Society Annual Congress 2023

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27th – 28th October


Dubai, UAE

This year’s ETS Annual Congress 2023 promises to be a truly exceptional gathering, providing a platform for leading experts, researchers, and practitioners to come together and share their insights, experiences, and latest research findings in the field of thoracic medicine.

The ETS Annual Congress 2023 will allow attendees and industry to engage in meaningful discussions, attend informative lectures, and collaborate on new ideas and approaches to address the challenges facing the thoracic community today. There is an impressive line-up of distinguished keynote speakers, experts, and leaders who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise with us.

Vitalograph is looking forward to partnering with its local distributor MDCCare at ETS, to showcase its VitaloPFT series, a complete range of technologically Advanced Pulmonary Function testing solutions. We will also be showing our range of diagnostic spirometers and handheld respiratory monitoring solutions.