8 out of 10 people use their inhaler incorrectly*

That is why Vitalograph developed the AIMTM, an interactive device that enables healthcare professionals to train patients to use their inhalers correctly, helping them to get the full benefit of their medication.

The AIM is the only device that gives instant visual feedback on inhaler technique

  • Detects correct MDI canister actuation during inhalation
  • Guides user on correct flow rate
  • Guides user on inhalation duration
  • Monitors breath hold duration
AIM gif


Training your patients on inhaler technique with the AIM can bring you $60 for every patient being prescribed inhaled therapeutics.

What Professionals Say

I was lecturing and chairing a day on inhaler devices for respiratory physicians. We had a few of the AIM devices available and these were great in helping us demonstrate correct inhaler device technique. They also provide doctors with a hands-on opportunity to learn how to do so themselves.”

Dr Mark L Levy FRCGP

General Practitioner with special interest in respiratory disease

“The AIM is a really useful means of training patients to use their inhalers properly and should be an essential part of a respiratory clinician’s kit in the future if we are to improve compliance and concordance in our patients”

Stephan Foster

General Practitioner with special interest in respiratory disease

“In a study which looked at the use of Vitalograph Aerosol Inhalation Monitor (AIM) in a Pharmacy Practice Laboratory, 95% of 240 survey respondents agreed that the AIM is a good tool for learning inhaler technique”

Monica J Hwang

B.S. Pharm., PhD., College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, St. John’s University

Make sure your patients get the full benefit of their medication by training them to use their inhalers properly.

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*Source: d’Ancona, G., & Weinman, J (2021). Improving adherence in chronic airways disease: are we doing it wrongly? Breathe