Occupational Health

Heritage & Expertise

Vitalograph have been supplying specialist devices for occupational health surveillance for over 50 years.

In the early 1960s Vitalograph was commissioned by the Medical Research Council Pneumoconiosis Panel to develop the world’s first portable spirometer to screen coal miners for ‘Black Lung’. The result was the ‘Vitalograph’, a portable device which, for many healthcare professionals, rapidly became synonymous with spirometry. 

Today, Vitalograph continues to serve the occupational health professional with a wide range of innovative and high performing devices for including spirometers, BT12 for 12 lead resting ECG, respiratory monitors and screeners.

Pneumotrac Spirometer with Spirotrac 6 Software

The next generation Pneumotrac™ Spirometer combined with new and improved Spirotrac® 6 software is a powerful and flexible respiratory diagnostic device.

Improved sleek design with no moving parts for optimal robustness, Pneumotrac has a reduced desktop footprint allowing spirometry testing to take place wherever your PC, laptop or tablet can go.

Pneumotrac with Spirotrac 6 software is compliant with the 2019 ATS/ERS spirometry update, ensuring your service meets international guidelines on accuracy and reporting.

Providing you with advanced quality control feedback for rapid and easy testing, Pneumotrac with Spirotrac 6 is compatible with all major EMR systems via HL7.

Pneumotrac with Spirotrac 6 allows you to consolidate both Spirometry and ECG through a single, flexible, and powerful application solution. Filing and storing results is seamless through the connection to your EMR system.

Spirotrac 6 is now even more intuitive, with a new user interface design based on customer feedback. The powerful built-in report generator  allows you to change any aspect of the reports and generate a wide range of report templates. Vitalograph provide an additional paid for service to customize reports for users. In some cases, this service can be done remotely with the Vitalograph support engineer driving the customer’s Spirotrac 6 software using Team Viewer.

Get certified device training via our online training resource which is available 24/7. We provide one FREE enrollment with the registration of your Pneumotrac device. A training certificate is issued upon completion.

The Vitalograph Pneumotrac spirometer comes with a full 5-Year Warranty with unlimited technical support if registered within 30-days of purchase.

Group Purchasing

Benefit from economies of scale and coordinated service standards by using the same cardio-respiratory devices and software across your organisation.

  • Efficiencies across sites with a common hardware platform and software eco-system.
  • Phased purchasing, as your current spirometers become due for replacement.
  • Global service agreements.
  • Global technical support including software upgrades

Our History

Vitalograph was founded on innovation and has been a pioneer in the development of respiratory medical devices for over 50 years.

From humble beginnings in 1964, our company has developed into to a global business with a well-earned reputation as a market leader in respiratory medical devices.

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