Just launched! The Pneumotrac with RMS

MIP, MEP, SNIP and more.

The newest member of the Vitalograph family of products has just arrived. Meet the Pneumotrac™ with RMS (Respiratory Muscle Strength), a PC-based system that combines Respiratory Muscle Strength measurements and Spirometry – offering multiple testing possibilities on a single device, as portable as your laptop.

The Pneumotrac with RMS can be used in various settings such as in-clinic on a desk, or placed on a trolley with a laptop for use at the bedside.

Alongside detailed spirometry testing, it provides a simple approach to mouth pressure and nasal pressure measurements in both adults and paediatrics. It can be used to:

  • assess diaphragmatic weakness in patients with neuromuscular disease (NMD)
  • assess respiratory muscle strength in patients undergoing pulmonary rehabilitation e.g., COPD patients
  • monitor the response of respiratory muscle training 


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