ALPHA Touch Spirometer with Spirotrac Software

Portable desktop spirometer ideal for general healthcare and occupational health environments

The ideal desktop spirometer for use on adult and pediatric subjects within general healthcare and occupational health environments.

Supplied with Spirotrac Software, which allows for further testing options and easy data synchronization to PCs, laptops, and networks. Generate detailed PDF reports for filing and uploading to electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

High resolution color touch screen display and intuitive icon driven user interface. The ALPHA Touch database holds over 10,000 subjects, with real-time curves and incentive animations to encourage optimal subject performance.

Simple, validated hygiene system using Bacterial Viral Filters (BVFTM) means that keeping the device clean is easy and inexpensive.

5-Year Warranty with unlimited technical support if registered within 30-days of purchase.

Comes with:

  • Vitalograph Spirotrac Software
  • Vitalograph Reports Software
  • USB cable
  • Stylus
  • Electrical outlet charging plug



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Product code: 65610

  • Supports VC, FVC, and bronchodilator responsiveness testing. Over 50 available parameters, GLI predicted equations and Z-scores.
  • Low running costs. No need for costly disposable sensors, turbines, or flow tubes.
  • Save time & money on cleaning with optimal hygiene using Vitalograph Bacterial Viral Filters (BVFTM).
  • Integrated thermal printer. Fast and quiet, prints up to 140 tests per roll.
  • Real-time curves and child friendly incentive animations encourage optimal performance.
  • Quick and easy calibration verification routines as recommended by good practice & international spirometry guidelines (ATS/ERS).
  • Electrical outlet or rechargeable battery powered for total flexibility and portability.
  • Easy data synchronization with Spirotrac Software.
  • Automatic BTPS correction with built-in temperature sensor.
Vitalograph ALPHA Touch, Model 6000
Flow Detection Principal Fleisch type pneumotachograph
Volume detection Flow integration sampling @ 100Hz
Maximum displayed volume 10 L
Volume Accuracy Better than ±2.5% or ±0.05L of the reading. (ISO 26782:2009)
Flow Measurement Range Max. flow rate ±960 L/min (±16 L/s) Min. flow rate ±1.2 L/min (±20 L/s)
PEF Accuracy ±10% or ±10L/min of the reading (ISO 23747:2015)
Back pressure Less than 0.1kPa/L/sec @ 14L/sec (ATS/ERS 2019)
Operating temperature range ISO 26782 limits: 17–35ºC Design limits: 10–40ºC
Accuracy Performance ATS/ERS 2019
Performance standards the Vitalograph ALPHA Touch meets or exceeds ISO 23747:2015 & ISO 26782:2009
QA/GMP standards EN ISO 23747:2015, EN ISO 26782:2009 & FDA 21CFR820
Dimensions 300 mm (length) x 250 mm (depth) x 75 mm (height)
Weight 2kg net
Print Options Built in thermal printer, or print to PC using Vitalograph Reports PC software (included) or Vitalograph Spirotrac (purchased separately).
Display Color touch screen
Communications USB
Storage Stores up to 10,000 subjects. Compact Flash card for backup/storage
Power Supply 12V, 1.5A DC power supply 7.2V, 1.8Ahr NiMH battery
Selectable Parameters VC; IVC; IC; VT (TV); TLC; RV; IRV; ERV; FRC; FVC; FIVC; FEV1; FEV3; FEV6; FVC; FEV1/VC; FEV1/FVC; FEV3/VC; FEV3/FVC; FEV1/FEV6; FEF75; FEF50; FEF25; FEF25-75; FEF25-75/FVC; FIV1; PIF, FIV1/FIVC, FIF25, FIF50, FIF75, FEF50/FIF50, FET, MVVind, FEV1 Ratio; FEV0.5; PEF L/min; PEF L/s; FEF 0.2-1.2; FEF 75-85%; FEF25%; FEF50%; FEF75%; FMFT; FIF25%; FIF50%; FIF75%; PIF; FEV0.75; Lung Age and more
Selected Predicted Sets GLI, ERS/ECCS, NHANES, Polgar, Pereira, Berglund, Forsche, Gutierrez, Hedenström, Taiwan; Knudson, Crapo; Hsu; KNLW; Viljanen; SEPAR; Gulsvik; SBPT; Tamura; Ip; Quanjer; Wang; Dockery and more
Minimum PC System Requirements to run Spirotrac/ Vitalograph Reports Software Processor Speed: 2GHz or greater RAM: 2GB (Min), 4GB (Recommended) Disk Space: 1GB or greater Operating System: Windows 7 or above Monitor: 1280 x 800 pixel Other:
  • Net framework 4.5.1
  • USB Port

Product Specification

  ALPHA ALPHA Touch ALPHA Touch with Spirotrac
Post BD
Total Parameters Available 8+ 50+ 60
Quality Measures & Incentives:
Predicted Values
Quality Prompts
Data Exchange & Printing:
In-Built Printer
PDF Reports (V=Vitalograph Reports, S=Spirotrac) V V S/V
Bi-directional Data Exchange with EMRs
General Features:
Touch Screen
Color Display
Internal Battery
Full Database
Add-On Test Module Options:
Pulse Oximetry
Resting 12-lead ECG


It can be used as a remote flowhead testing device to display live results on a computer screen and to synchronize subject databases between the device and software.

Yes. Under the ‘Post’ mode, both VC and FVC testing can take place.

Yes, Spirotrac software has the ability to connect to most major EMRs.  Talk to us for more details.

Yes. In accordance with international spirometry standards and guidelines (ATS/ERS), you have the function to perform a simple calibration verification routine prior to undertaking testing.

Running costs are low for the Alpha Touch as no expensive disposable sensors, turbines, or flow tubes are required. The simple, validated hygiene system using Bacterial Viral Filters BVFTM  means that keeping the device clean is easy and inexpensive.

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