VitaloJAK wins North West NHS Innovation Award


The innovative VitaloJAK was acclaimed at the North West NHS Innovation Awards, winning an award in the Medical Devices Category.

Designed to meet the need for an objective measurement of how people cough, this pioneering device uses dedicated HiFi recording, signal processing and expert algorithms to provide a 24-hour objective measure of cough in clinical trials. Worn like a Holter monitor, with a single sensor affixed to the patient's chest wall, the VitaloJAK makes 24 hour cough monitoring simple. An optional second channel via a conventional microphone allows quality assurance with human intervention.

A joint collaboration with Professor Ashley Woodcock, Dr Jacky Smith, Kevin McGuinness and their team at the University of South Manchester Wythenshawe Hospital, VitaloJAK has 98% sensitivity and 98% specificity in automatically identifying counting cough in a wide variety of diseases. "We are delighted that after many years of research and development we now have an automated system that can accurately identify and quantify coughs. It gives us an objective measure of cough in COPD and asthma patients so that we won't need to rely on time-consuming video or tape recordings or on inaccurate patient diaries" says Professor Woodcock.

Currently being used in several single-centre pilot studies, the VitaloJAK will be available for multi-centre studies using automated data transmission and over-reading for quality control.