Precision spirometry delivered through the power of Vitalograph Spirotrac Software

Pneumotrac in use

The latest version of Vitalograph Spirotrac® Software offers full compatibility with Windows 8 and 64-bit architecture. This compatibility allows you to take full advantage of Windows 8 functionality, while the streamlined Windows 8 interface allows Spirotrac to operate faster than ever. 64-bit compatibility offers the advantages of greater responsiveness and more efficient memory handling than a 32-bit operating system. Spirotrac continues to be compatible with Windows 7 and 32-bit.

Vitalograph has five decades of experience in developing respected lung function laboratory and office spirometry solutions that are widely used by medical professionals. There is now a mobile option, the In2itive™ spirometer. Pocket sized but highly accurate, the spirometry data it stores can be automatically synchronized with your database when your return to your office.

To experience both Spirotrac Software in action visit the Vitalograph booth 45 at the ATS Convention in Denver. We look forward to welcoming you.