New Vitalograph micro off to a flying start


The Vitalograph team are in a celebratory mood thanks to the success of the new Vitalograph micro which, in the first few months since its introduction, has more than doubled its projected sales. This highly accurate handheld spirometer is not only great value for money but is packed with a host of features including an icon- driven touch screen, robust Fleisch flow sensor technology and comprehensive PDF reporting. “We knew that the micro was going to be a strong seller but we didn’t realise just how well it would be received. High demand has meant that we’ve had to delay launching the product in many countries as we adjust our manufacturing output to meet the unprecedented level of orders. The micro is the latest release from Vitalograph and is part of our ongoing commitment to delivering a wide, high performing range of devices that truly meet the needs of cardio-respiratory care professionals and the patients they serve” - Vitalograph managing director, Bernard Garbe.