Product News: Introducing the New Pneumotrac

We are excited to launch the next generation Pneumotrac spirometer into the US market. The new Vitalograph Pneumotrac™ Spirometer, combined with Spirotrac® PC software, is a powerful tool for respiratory diagnosis of both adults and pediatrics.

Capture reliable test results immediately with Pneumotrac’s precise and durable measuring technology which is extremely accurate and stable over time. Connects instantly to your PC by USB, delivering results through the new, improved Spirotrac 6 software.

Compliance with the 2019 ATS/ERS spirometry update ensures your service meets international guidelines on accuracy and reporting. The Vitalograph Pneumotrac™ Spirometer easily connects to your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to streamline your clinical workflow.

Features include:

  • Highly accurate, robust, and stable Fleisch flow measuring technology with no moving parts.
  • Supports full-feature spirometry testing and bronchodilator responsiveness testing with over 50 available parameters.
  • Instant quality feedback using the latest 2019 ATS/ERS grading, test/session acceptability, usability, and repeatability criteria.
  • Low running costs and environmentally friendly: no need for costly disposable sensors, turbines, adaptors, or flow tubes.
  • FREE 5-Year warranty.
  • FREE online device training through SpiroTutor.

Contact us for more information.

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The Vitalograph team played our part to help raise over $100,000 at the Lung Force Glam event at Boulevard Drive-in in Kansas City, Kansas on May 13th 2021. This was the ALA’s first live event since the 2020 event was cancelled due to COVID-19. We were delighted to support this great cause.
We are happy to announce the launch of the next generation Spirotrac®6 PC software which provides a powerful respiratory diagnostic platform. This redesigned software is compliant with 2019 ATS/ERS spirometry guidelines, meeting international guidelines on accuracy and reporting.