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Ideal as both a stationary and portable ECG device


The Vitalograph BT12 ECG™ combined with our Spirotrac® software is a powerful electrocardiograph.

  • With its lightweight compact design it is ideal as both a stationary and portable ECG device.
  • Transmission of the ECG trace is wireless with no leads to trip over, providing excellent signal quality, less artifact and ensuring minimal patient discomfort.
  • Intuitive Spirotrac PC software provides a user friendly workflow.
  • Accurate and sensitive interpretation is provided by the scientifically recognized University of Glasgow algorithm which is one of the top resting ECG interpretive algorithms in the world, tried and tested for more than 35 years.


BT12 ECG comes with:

  • 12-Lead Resting ECG Measuring Unit
  • Electrode Cables
  • Batteries
  • Bluetooth Dongle


All Vitalograph devices come with a Free 5-Year Warranty including unlimited technical support when registered within 30-days of purchase.

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Product Code: 9270

  • Fast & easy real-time traces with Bluetooth transmission for high quality ECG signal.
  • Instant visual feedback for the operator on electrode contact problems, battery status and communication status.
  • Save time by automatically transferring patient information and test data into EMRs avoiding copying and scanning reports.
  • Quick 10 second test option for immediate results.
  • Automatic pacemaker detection.
  • Automatic measurements with high quality interpretation and analysis to support a reliable diagnosis.
  • Calculation of heart rate with acoustic and visual signal to aid assessment.
  • High quality multi-channel and 12-lead overview for viewing and printing, supporting multiple formats to suit user requirements.
BT12 ECG Model 4130
Dimensions W x H x D6.1cm x 10.6cm x 2.3cm
Weight, incl. cable210 g incl. batteries (154 g without batteries)
Lead ConfigurationAHA lead labelling
Power Supply2 AA batteries (1.5 V) or rechargeable batteries (1.2 V)
Data TransmissionWireless, standard Bluetooth 2.1
ElectrodesStandard clip ECG electrodes
Parameters (Spirotrac Software)HR[/min] Heart Rate RR[ms]  R-R interval P[ms] Duration of the P wave PQ[ms]  Duration of the PQ interval ST[ms]   Duration of the ST segment PR[ms]  Duration of the PR interval QRS[ms] Duration of the QRS complex QT[ms]  Q-T interval QTc[ms] Q-T interval, corrected by the heart rate with options Fridericia, Framingham, Bazett and Hodges
Signal MonitoringMissing signal / connection termination Electrode loss
Sample Rate500Hz
Digital Resolution2.6 μV

Product Specification


A Bluetooth dongle is provided and can be used if no built in Bluetooth adaptor is available on the PC/Laptop/Tablet.

A comments section on the report is provided for any amendments.

Yes. Spirotrac software supports HL7 protocols for integration with most major patient management systems. Talk to us for more information.

You must have Spirotrac Software to use the Vitalograph 12 Lead ECG.  Talk to us for more information.

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For information on any of our products, click the inquiry button, enter your query and we will get back to you.

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