Vitalograph Web Portal

Secure subject and device management platform for study delivery, collection and analysis of data.

The Vitalograph Web Portal sits at the heart of Vitalograph’s clinical trials solutions.

Empowering Sites. Providing the means for uploading and viewing data securely, producing reports and hosting key elements of functions such as e-learning and Over-Read 360®, as well as expediting data reconciliation with sites.  Site users can access eLearning including training videos, manuals, and other material (e.g. newsletters, patient instruction cards etc) translated to the local language for that site.

Empowering Sponsors. Results from multiple endpoints may be viewed and monitored by the Sponsor in real-time as data is received into Vitalograph servers. This allows rapid and informed decisions to be made as the study progresses.

Complex made possible. The innovative Vitalograph Web Portal streamlines delivery of even the most complex study. Used across Vitalograph’s centralized studies, each study utilizes a different Web Portal instance tailored specifically to meet the protocol requirements.

Reducing time and cost. Study activities are streamlined via centralized management and recording of actions relating to the study is automated. Most importantly, the Web Portal enables end-point data to be viewable securely and contemporaneously to allow timely decision-making as your study progresses.

Improving quality. Accurate and complete record keeping facilitates monitoring of performance of sites and other study service providers.

The Vitalograph Web Portal provides a secure, study specific facility through which study management activities take place including:

  • Secure encrypted data transmission.
  • eLearning – localized training videos and manuals.
  • Electronic data reconciliation.
  • Over-reading and consolidation of results.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Alerts directly to sites including for remote and home monitoring endpoints.
  • Study specific reports.
  • Training completion and recording.
  • End to end encrypted communications over HTTPS.
  • 21 CFR 11 Compliant with full audit trail features and electronic signatures.
  • Supports role-based user access levels.
  • Supported browsers – Google Chrome.
  • Clinical data stored on Vitalograph secure servers with multiple secure backup options.
  • The Vitalograph Web Portal is compliant with or follows all applicable privacy laws and best practice.


Technical Specification