Vitalograph Spirotrac 6 Software Activation and Software Updates

Spirotrac 6 Software Activation

This tool is used to activate Vitalograph Spirotrac 6 software to unlock all features of the product and download software updates. 

To proceed and obtain an activation code, you will need to create a Vitalograph account. After creating your account you must register your device serial number first followed by your Spirotrac PIN.

Find your device serial number

The serial number is 2 letters followed by 5 digits and is located on the product label on the device.


Find your Spirotrac PIN

  1. Open Spirotrac 6.
  2. Select the license icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. The PIN is displayed in the License window.

Once you have the activation code proceed as follows:

1. Open Spirotrac 6.
2. Select the license icon at the bottom of the screen.
3. Enter the activation code in the text box provided.
4. Click the “Activate” button.

Spirotrac 6 Software Updates

Spirotrac Software Updates

To install software updates for Spirotrac 6 (Administrator privileges are required):

  1. Ensure Spirotrac is activated before proceeding.
  2. Log in to your Vitalograph account here.
  3. Find Spirotrac in your product list.
  4. Click the Download option for Spirotrac. The zip file will download.  
  5. Run the setup from the zip file. 

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