AIM Aerosol Inhalation Trainer and Starter Pack

Improves inhaler technique for more effective medication administration

8 out of 10 people use their inhalers incorrectly1. The Vitalograph AIM™ (Aerosol Inhalation Monitor) is designed to assist medical practitioners in training patients to use their inhaler correctly. Mastery of the correct technique will support more accurate drug delivery, helping patients get the full benefit of their medication.

The AIM validates good technique in the use of both DPI and MDI inhalers. Using a hygienic, single-use disposable inhaler simulator, AIM provides clear feedback and information to support correct technique including:

  • Inspiratory acceleration at start of inspiration
  • Timing of firing of MDI
  • Inspiratory flow rate throughout inspiration
  • Inhalation time within target flow range
  • Breath-hold time at end of inhalation


Includes starter pack containing 5 generic MDI, 5 generic DPI, and a placebo canister.

Includes 30-day money-back guarantee upon product registration.

1 d’Ancona, G., & Weinman, J. (2021). Improving adherence in chronic airways disease: are we doing it wrongly? Breathe (Sheffield, England), 17(2), 210022. DOI: 10.1183/20734735.0022-2021

Reimbursement codes for Vitalograph Devices in the USA.

Product Code: 45710

The Vitalograph AIM is an ideal tool to facilitate conversations around medication adherence with patients because it shows how far medication is inhaled into the lungs. The parts of the inhalation process which are difficult to observe by eye are highlighted and a visual reference of the drug delivery is displayed on the device.


  • Provides clear feedback and instructions to patient and trainer on improving technique
  • Assists in identifying the most suitable inhaler type for a patient
  • Easy to use, hygienic and low cost
  • Embeds the habit of good technique which can be transferred to the active inhaler
  • Supports both pMDI (‘slow and steady’) and DPI (‘fast and deep’) inhalers
  • Mastering inhaler technique results in better disease management
Aerosol Inhalation Trainer (AIM)
Model 4500
Dimensions Net: 165mm x 133mm x 39.6mm
Weight Net: 260g (incl. batteries and tubing)
Flow detection principle Differential pressure sensor
Flow impedance of inhaler simulator mouthpiece DPI: 0.49 cmH2O/L/min at 50 L/min.
MDI & Spacer: 0.016 cmH2O/L/min at 50 L/min
Flow detection Flow sampling @ 20Hz
Maximum flow 100 L/min
Flow accuracy when operated in operating temperature range conditions Better than ±5% or 5L/min
Power Supply 4 x AAA
Battery Life 1 year when using one session per day, with three tests per session, and an average of five sessions per week.

Product Specification

AIM (Aerosol Inhalation Monitor)
Model Number 4500
Power Supply AAA x 4
Weight Net: 260g (inc. batteries and tubing) Gross: 310g
Dimensions Net: 165mm x 133mm x 39.6mm Gross: 190mm x 140mm x 65mm


The AIM is an effective training tool which detects and measures the elements required for correct inhaler technique such as actuation, inspiratory flow rate and breath hold time and compares these with known requirements for effective drug delivery.

The AIM will give either a good, poor or fail indicator, showing which element of the technique caused the problem (if applicable).

Yes, the CPT code is 94664.  Try our Reimbursement Calculator for more information.

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