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Accurately assess airway inflammation with FeNO testing. Help improve asthma patient outcomes in one simple test, right at the point-of-care.


NIOX VERO® is non-invasive, simple-to-use, and provides rapid standardized FeNO measurements. It is a point-of-care device for assessing airway inflammation in patients with respiratory problems. With over 45 million NIOX® tests undertaken to date, the system is used by healthcare professionals around the world to help improve asthma care, assisting:

  • diagnosis
  • determining responsiveness to inhaled corticosteroids
  • tailoring inhaled steroid use
  • monitoring treatment compliance
  • reducing the likelihood of exacerbations in at-risk patients compared to traditional monitoring
  • FeNO testing is now recommended for asthma care in guidelines across the globe.

Easy and straightforward
NIOX VERO® is designed to make FeNO testing as simple as inhaling and exhaling. Help diagnose patients, optimise treatment, reduce exacerbations, uncover non-adherence to Inhaled Corticosteroids (ICS), all in one breath. Designed with the user in mind, NIOX VERO® has everything you need to test FeNO and more

  • Patient ID: Never lose track of your patients’ progress with the built-in identification feature.
  • Engaging Animations: Make taking a FeNO measurement simple for patients with user-friendly animations. Three animations with sound effects guide your patients to a successful test.
  • Breathing Handle: With the unique breathing handle, taking a test is as simple as inhaling and exhaling.
  • Exhalation Modes: With two exhalation modes (6-second and 10-second), everyone can perform FeNO testing, from children aged 4 to patients with severely reduced lung function.
  • Failsafe Testing: NIOX® protects your patients from failing a test. Flow Rate Control™ guides patients to easily perform a steady exhalation throughout the test, leading to an accurate result each time, every time.

Onscreen Testing Guidance:
The NIOX VERO® has excellent repeatability and reproducibility, enabling a successful measurement in a single test. The device is packed with unique technology to guarantee an accurate result each time, every time. NIOX® is the only device in Europe and the United States that is fully compliant with ERS and ATS recommendations for the standardisation of measuring FeNO.

Peace of mind
NIOX VERO® is designed to filter out pathogens, including COVID-19, and utilises filters with exceptionally high filtration efficiencies.

Never-ending performance
NIOX sensors perform from the first test to the last test. NIOX products are accurate throughout their lifetime and never require recalibration. Whenever you need a new sensor, replace instantly and simply resume testing.

Exhaled NO – Performance Data
Measurement range:FeNO5 to 300ppb
Exhalation Time10 seconds (preferred mode) 6 seconds (only for children ≤ 10 years who are not able to perform the 10 second test
Measurement time1 min
Accuracy +/- 5 ppb of measured values ≤ 50ppb, max. 10% of measured values > 50 ppb
Precision<3 ppb of measured values < 30 ppb <10% of measured value ≥ 30 ppb
Instrument memory capacity15000 measurements
Dimensions (height x width x depth)145 mm x 185 mm x 41 mm
Weight (including sensor)1 kg
Shelf-life (device)Minimum 5 years at time of delivery, or 15000 measurements

Product Specification

 Pneumotrac with Spirotrac (PC Based)
Post BD
Total Parameters Available60
Quality Measures & Incentives:
Predicted Values
Quality Prompts
Data Exchange & Printing:
In-Built Printer
PDF Reports (V=Vitalograph Reports, S=Spirotrac) S
Bi-directional Data Exchange with EMRs
General Features:
Touch Screen
Colour Display
Internal Battery
Full Database
Add-On Test Module Options:
Pulse Oximetry
Resting 12 lead ECG


You can use the NIOX VERO to determine the level of the established biomarker nitric oxide (NO) in exhaled air and thus monitor allergic airway inflammation in your patients.

Your patient breathes calmly into the handheld device through the disposable mouthpiece. After successful measurement, the result is available within approximately one minute. FeNO measurement is quick, easy, repeatable, and non-invasive for your patients.

FeNO is formed in the respiratory tract by inflammatory cells. The NO concentration in the exhaled air therefore reflects the degree of inflammation in the respiratory tract – the more inflammatory cells there are, the more NO is produced. The NO concentration in exhaled air is measured in parts per billion (ppb). According to the asthma guidelines, increased FeNO values indicate allergic inflammation and thus support the diagnosis of allergic asthma.1

1 Buhl et al. Pneumologie 2017; 71: 849–919

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