Be free to help your patients perform spirometry

Focus on helping your patients achieve their best spirometry test, confident that you are capturing accurate results.

V-Core flowhead technology powers an innovative range of accurate and reliable spirometers.

Each device is designed to respond to a specific set of needs, across a variety of healthcare environments.

Designed specifically to aid healthcare professionals in the diagnosis and monitoring of respiratory conditions.

Have confidence in a true picture of respiratory function.


Providing accuracy and reliability for you and your patients.

V-core accuracy icon

Fleisch pneumotachagraph provides accurate, linear, and stable measuring, even at very low flows. Reliable, and consistent results every time.


Multiple measuring points sample flow data for more repeatable results. Beneficial when monitoring respiratory health over time.


With a core of stainless steel air capillaries and no moving parts, this is a highly durable device. Ideal for frequent testing and portability.


Single-use Bacterial Viral Filters provide an uncompromising layer of hygiene to the flowhead without any lessening of device accuracy.


The ergonomically designed protective casing provides an secure and comfortable grip, with a contemporary look and feel.

Vital Insights

Every time I use a Vitalograph Spirometer, I trust the results completely.

It can be challenging for patients to perform a proper test so that’s my main focus during spirometry – helping them through the process.  

Respiratory Healthcare Professional


Accurate lung inspection

Through Vitalograph’s engineering and expertise, V-Core
flowhead technology offers accuracy and repeatability.


Pressure measuring points

Twin annular rings of multiple pressure measuring points around the Fleisch pneumotachograph are ported out to a low-range differential pressure transducer. This enables sampling of the flow data thereby generating a more repeatable and accurate test result.

1000 Hz

Differential pressure sampling

Sampled at a frequency of 1000Hz and 14 bits allowing the instantaneous and accurate calculation of flow rates and, by differentiation over time, the accumulated volume


Low impedance

Enabling the accurate measurement across the full range of flow rates.

Fleisch Pneumotachagraph

The Fleisch Pneumotachograph consists of a bundle of small stainless steel capillary tubes resulting in a linear output pressure signal created by increasing air flow. This gives accurate, linear and stable results, even with very low flow, and with a Bacterial Viral Filter attached.

Accurate Results

Meeting the ATS/ERS 2019 Guidelines for inspiration and expiration


+/- Volume Accuracy


+/- Flow Accuracy


Diagnostic Spirometers Featuring V-Core Flowhead Technology

Wherever and whenever you need spirometry, we have a solution that enables you be free to help your patients perform their best test.

Handheld Spirometers

Standalone spirometry in the palm of your hand. Perfect for routine testing on the go.

PC Based Spirometers

A complete and robust spirometry solution that interacts directly with your laptop or PC.

Desktop Spirometers

A complete and robust spirometry solution that interacts directly with your laptop or PC.