Cough Analysts Visit Vitalograph’s Ennis Site

Monday, August 21st, 2023

Did you know that Vitalograph has an incredible team of Cough Analysts?

They play a critical role in enabling successful clinical trials, and contributing to the development of new cough therapies. They are responsible for providing detailed analysis of cough recordings.

Teams are based in Ennis at the Clare Technology Park and our Gort Road facility. We also have offices in Limerick City. A group of 24 team members based in the Limerick office came to visit Ennis recently, and what a busy day it was. They came to Clare Technology Park, where they met with the Quality Assurance team to get an overview of the weekly Quality Assurance processes. Then, they made their way to Vitalograph in the Gort Road Industrial Estate, where they met with a few team members in Cough and Site Support.

In the Board Room, CEO Frank Keane welcomed them all, giving them an update on business activities. After a bite to eat, they were split into three groups and enjoyed a tour of the premises. During the tour, the team learned about the company origins, the step change in the design DNA and products, and went on to show the groups around PFT Lab, Manufacturing Floor, Consumables and more.

Who better to report on the day than some of the Limerick team. Read on to find out more…

Liam Butler

I think the trip really put into perspective how big our operation really is. It was fascinating to see the factory at work and learn how much care is put into the manufacturing of our products, the run down of the VitaloJAK devices from Jeremiah was especially informative as we use the data gathered by them in order to do our job as cough analysts. This was an especially interesting highlight of my day!

I also thought that the wall art depicting various methods of resuscitation throughout the ages really put into context how long the study of respiratory diagnostics has been going on for, some of the more archaic methods on display made me extremely grateful for the fact I live in the modern day too!

All in all, I thought that the trip was very fun and educational and that it helped me understand much more about Vitalograph’s operations outside of the Limerick office.

Nickita Mukundwa

I was mesmerised by how Vitalograph started 60 years ago with the purpose of improving the lives of people with respiratory issues. Visiting Ennis office gave me a clear image of how VitaloJAK is used to collect data from patients and how data is handled from the first stage up to us analysts. Seeing how all Vitalograph teams are very welcoming, interactive, as well as willing to answer all the asked questions and assisting us to learn more about the organisation grabbed my intentions and I am very appreciative for the whole visit.

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