6 Minute Walk Test

The Vitalograph 6MWT solution includes a tablet running the 6MWT protocol, SPO2 monitor and kit to mark the distance.

ATS/ERS recommend field walking tests to evaluate exercise capacity, assess prognosis and evaluate treatment response in chronic respiratory diseases. We provide a tablet running the current 6MWT protocol1 and the SpO2 monitor.

Our solution gathers 6MWT data including SpO2 and 6 minute walk distance. Technicians are guided through the test with a script to the current standard. The endpoint is incorporated in Vitalograph Spirotrac software which manages subjects and gathers data from the devices used in the study.

Data is transmitted to the tablet from the SpO2 monitor worn by the subject. The tablet connects to the COMPACTTM Medical Workstation which then transmits the data to Vitalograph. There is no need for multiple devices from several vendors with multiple user log-in credentials.

1 Holland, A.E., Spruit, M.A., Troosters, T., et al.. An official ERS/ATS Technical Standard: field walking tests in chronic respiratory disease. Guideline 2014

Incorporating the 6MWT with the other respiratory assessments creates an efficiency by having one system for subject management that collects and collates the data from more than one end-point without the need for multiple devices from several vendors with multiple user log-in credentials. Our 6MWT solution is user friendly and guides the technician through the test.

The 6MWT module gathers:
– Nadir SpO2
– Borg Scale
– Distance walked, 6MWD (Lap length is configurable)
– BP
– Heart rate

Available in multiple languages.

Vitalograph offers this module when the COMPACT workstation is also provided for in-clinic use to capture other respiratory endpoints.

Technical Specification

6 Minute Walk Test (6MWT)
Product NameSpirotrac Pulse Oximetry Module
(includes 6-minute walk distance)
Model No7000
Designed & Manufactured UnderEU Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC
(as amended), ISO13485:2003,
FDA 21CFR820