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A multi-diagnostic clinic solution that facilitates accurate and efficient point-of-care assessment of respiratory health.


Respiratory Diagnostics Workstation.

The answer to multidisciplinary point-of-care respiratory diagnostics.

The Compact has integrated spirometry testing and optional respiratory muscle strength testing in one efficient solution. It also supports data collation from other companion devices, such as the BT12 ECG.

This enables a greater focus on the patient and their healthcare needs as multiple tests can be conducted in a straightforward manner. Easily transportable, the Compact includes full Microsoft Windows PC functionality, and Spirotrac 6 software for highly efficient testing and patient management. It includes multiple connectivity options for a streamlined workflow.

Consolidation of diagnostics for efficient point-of-care assessment

Diagnostic CategoriesDescriptionTesting Types
SpirometryAssess respiratory volume and flow.VC
Bronchodilator responsiveness testing
Respiratory Muscle Strength*Evaluate diaphragmatic, intercostal, and abdominal muscle strength.MIP – Maximal Inspiratory Pressure
MEP – Maximal Expiratory Pressure
SNIP – Sniff Nasal Inspiratory Pressure
PCF – Peak Cough Flow
Electrocardiogram*Measure rhythm and electrical activity of heart.12 Lead ECG with University of Glasgow Interpretation Algorithm

*Optional hardware required

This device comes with a Free 5-Year Warranty including unlimited technical support when registered within 30-days of purchase.

Vitalograph provides free certified training for all of its respiratory diagnostic solutions. Register here.

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Be free to help your patients perform Spirometry

The Compact has an integrated V-Core™ flowhead, allowing you to focus on helping your patients achieve their best spirometry test, confident that you are capturing accurate and reproducible results.

Find out more about V-Core flowhead technology

  • Consolidated patient data
    • Collates test results from different types of cardio-respiratory diagnostic assessments.
    • Consolidates all relevant patient information in a single device.
  • Mulitple connectivity options
    • Secure and seamless integration with your EMR through Vitalograph Connect.
    • Customizable PDF reports.
    • Networkable.
    • Bluetooth and wireless options available.
  • Superior respiratory diagnostics
    • Integrated V-Core spirometry flowhead for accurate and reliable testing.
    • High resolution of 0.1 cm H2O for MIP, MEP, & SNIP.
    • Glasgow interpretation algorithm for ECG assessment.
    • Fast evaluation of results with %Predicted comparison, LLN and Z scores.
    • Automatic interpretation of results.
  • Hygienically Efficient:
    • Low running costs and environmentally friendly: no costly disposable sensors, turbines, or flow tubes.
    • Single-use Vitalograph Bacterial Viral Filters (BVF™) with validated cross-contamination efficiency >99.999%, protect device, patient, and operator.
  • Designed for everyday clinical use:
    • Large touch-screen with a user-friendly intuitive interface and full Windows PC functionality.
    • Easily transportable.
Compact Medical Workstation
Model Number6600
Device classification: Class II (USA) / IIa (EU) medical device
QA/GMP standards: EN ISO 13485, FDA 21 CFR 820, CMDR SOR/98-282 & Japan’s PMD Act
Volume Accuracy ±2.5% or ±0.05L
Pressure accuracy RMS: +/- 3%
Pressure resolution RMS: 1 cm H2O
Dimensions: 296 x 261 x 108 mm
Weight:3 Kg net
Power supply: 19V DC Power Supply
Communications: USB x 6, Ethernet x 2, DVI Video Display Interface
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Embedded
Screen: 12.1” LCD 1280*800 pixel with capacitive touch screen
Performance standards the Vitalograph Compact meets or exceeds: ISO 23747:2015, ISO 26782 2009, ATS/ERS 2019 Technical Standards

Product Specification


Yes, Compact is a workstation that runs Spirotrac Software and can support multiple other diagnostic modules including ECG, SPO2, Challenge Testing, and 6MWT.

Yes. Under the ‘Post’ (bronchodilator responsiveness) mode, both VC and FVC testing can take place.

In accordance with international spirometry standards and guidelines (ATS/ERS), you have the function to perform a simple calibration verification routine prior to undertaking testing.

Running costs are low for the Compact as no disposable sensors, turbines, adaptors or flow tubes are required. The simple, validated hygiene system using Bacterial Viral Filters BVFTM means that keeping the device clean is easy and inexpensive

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