Spirotrac 6 Updates

The latest Spirotrac 6 updates

Spirotrac® is a powerful and flexible diagnostic workstation software from Vitalograph that enables healthcare professionals to seamlessly integrate test results with their electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

Our most recent software updates include a host of new features and advanced user experience. Carrying out and interpreting test results have never been more intuitive.

Discover Spirotrac 6.7

Consolidate your Alpha and In2itive data in Spirotrac 6:

Subject data can be uploaded to the device from Spirotrac 6 saving the end user precious time from re-entering subject information. Spirometry test data can be downloaded from the device to Spirotrac 6 for trending, detailed reporting, and centralisation.

EMR improvements:

  • As a result of customer feedback, a new “Auto Process Orders” setting is introduced which streamlines the workflow and reduces the user steps required for transferring data to patient and hospital management systems (for both GDT and HL7).
  • Transfer your RMS (Respiratory Muscle Strength) test types: MIP; MEP; SNIP; PCF; to patient and hospital management systems via GDT and HL7.
  • As a result of customer feedback, you can now easily cancel an EMR test order within the Spirotrac application.

Oscillometry testing:

Launching soon – the Vitalograph tremoflo® C-100 oscillometer, integrated within Spirotrac software, helps to detect the presence of small airway impairment.

Correct historical data:
A new wizard guides the user on how to correct subject demographic mistakes. Changes can be applied retrospectively and applied to the relevant assessments.

Record oxygen saturation:

Ability to enter oxygen saturation (SpO2) values to assess a subject’s overall respiratory health.

Addition of new predicted sets:

New predicted sets SEPAR, SER 2009, Perez-Padilla, and SBPT have been added to the software.

Database Studio improvements:

Backup and Restore SQL server options added to the Database Studio application.

Additional improvements:

  • ArtiQ API updated to work with latest version.
  • Touchscreen improvements for enhanced usability.
  • Further improvements to the quality of the ECG report to aid diagnostic accuracy.

Spirotrac 6 History

Spirotrac 6.6.53

Additional Language Support

  • Spirotrac 6.6 is now available in Danish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Polish in addition to English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish languages.

Spirotrac 6.6.52

Database Studio Updates:

  • Users now have the ability to create both local and network databases from database studio
  • Users can import subject demographic data from external sources such as Vyaire SPCS software in order to easily trend their previous data

Spirotrac 6.6

SQL Server 2019

  • SQL Server 2019 Express is now supplied as the standard database engine.

Dutch and Swedish Language Support

  • Spirotrac 6.6 is now available in Dutch and Swedish in addition to English, German, French and Spanish languages.

Additional new functionality and improvements

  • Users can now configure the test types on/off that they use most regularly.
  • As a result of customer feedback, a warning message will be shown in the calibration verification procedure if the user does not perform both inspiratory and expiratory syringe strokes.
  • The syringe stroke duration is now visible on screen during the calibration verification procedure.
  • The measured temperature from the Pneumotrac is now automatically populated prior to the calibration verification screen.
  • Changing the population group and predicted sets will now correct historical data.
  • Manual backup option added to Database Studio for network databases.
  • Updates to ArtiQ integration – Fixed issue on pack years for non-smokers and raw parameter.

Spirotrac 6.5

Microsoft Active Directory

  • Spirotrac 6 is now compatible with Microsoft Active Directory, so users that are already authenticated in the LAN can log in using their current credentials.

Additional Improvements

  • As a result of customer feedback, a warning message will be shown if predicted values cannot be displayed as a result of missing subject details. 
  • MIP and MEP start-of-test criteria has been updated to prevent false tests.

Spirotrac 6.4

Windows 11 compatibility

  • Spirotrac 6.4 is now fully compatible with Windows 11 operating system ensuring customers can leverage the latest technology from Microsoft.

Spanish Language Support

  • Spirotrac 6.4 is now available in Spanish in addition to English, German, and French languages.

In-application updates

  • From version 6.4 onwards users will have the ability to seamlessly update within the application and access the latest new functions and features.

ArtiQ Interpretation

  • Vitalograph has teamed up with ArtiQ so customers can avail of automated interpretation of pulmonary function tests. This artificial intelligence algorithm supports automated quality control of Spirometry curves and sessions. For more information contact support@artiq.eu

Additional New Functionality

  • PEF and FVC lower limit of normality (LLN) indicators are now on the flow/volume and volume/time graphs to aid the technician further in interpreting the data.
  • Higher quality of ECG plot on the report printout to aid diagnostic accuracy.
  • Calibration verification workflow includes ability to generate a report on exit of the routine

Spirotrac 6.3

  • MIP, MEP, and SNIP test types (Pneumotrac RMS)

 Spirotrac 6.2

  • Processing of GDT View Requests via Vitalograph Connect
  • Localisation for the following languages: German, French
  • Addition of Forche Predicted Set

 Spirotrac 6.1

  • Initial Release with Spirometry and ECG test types

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