3 Litre Precision Calibration Syringe

Providing assured accuracy for calibration verification and linearity checking.


Vitalograph precision syringes provide quick and easy accuracy checks with reliability and fast verification.  The 3L precision syringe can be used with flow or volume sensor systems and is compatible with any manufacturers’ equipment.  Each syringe has a unique serial number and history file with accuracy certified to better than 0.5%.

Use of a precision syringe is recommended for all spirometers as required by ISO 26782:2009.  For flow measuring spirometers, the 2019 ATS/ERS Standardization of Spirometry guidelines recommends daily calibration verification using a 3 litre syringe with a filter attached.

Includes Eco BVF syringe adaptor (29845) for use with our Eco BVF range (BVF not included).


Product Code:  36020




  • Certified accuracy better than 0.5%.
  • Compatible with all spirometry equipment; a range of adaptors is available.
  • Simple end-to-end volume, no lining up marks or grooves.
  • Unique serial number and history file for each syringe.
3L Precision Syringe
Model 2040
Gross Size 490mm x 160mm x 125 mm
Gross Weight 2.5kg

Product Specification


The 2019 ATS/ERS Standardisation of Spirometry guidelines recommend:

“Calibration verifications must be undertaken at least daily using a 3-L syringe cycled at least three times to give a range of flows varying between 0.5 and 12 L/s (with 3-L injection times between 0.5 and 6 s). If an in-line filter is used in spirometry testing, then it must also be used during recalibrations and verifications.”

Yes. The 2019 ATS/ERS Standardisation of Spirometry guidelines recommend:

“A biological control is not a substitute for the use of a calibration syringe. However, operators are encouraged to know their own usual FEV1 and FVC, which allows them to conduct a quick, rough check if they suspect a problem.”

Yes, we can arrange to service your Precision Syringe when your spirometry equipment is being serviced.

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