Predictive value of inflammatory biomarkers and FEV1 for COPD (PIFCOPD)

Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

This is a prospective, cohort study that will examine inflammatory biomarkers and decline in FEV1 as predictors for COPD; as part of the study, 10,000 subjects aged 40–75 years without a history of lung disease will be recruited and followed for 3 years. The primary endpoint will be the incidence of COPD and its relationship with a rapid decline in FEV1. Secondary endpoints will include the relationship between FEV1 decline and air pollution, as well as the relationship between COPD and air pollution, comorbidities, and levels of serum biomarkers (eg IL-6, hs-CRP, miR-23a). Lung function testing will be performed using a COPD-6 device.