Pneumotrac with RMS

An enhanced diagnostics solution that combines highly accurate Respiratory Muscle Strength and Spirometry testing in one robust, portable device.

The Pneumotrac™ with RMS (Respiratory Muscle Strength) is a PC-based system that combines Respiratory Muscle Strength measurements and Spirometry – offering multiple testing possibilities on a single device, as portable as your laptop. It can be used in various settings such as in-clinic on a desk or placed on a trolley with a laptop for use at the bedside.

Alongside detailed spirometry testing, it provides a simple approach to mouth pressure and nasal pressure measurements in both adults and paediatrics. It can be used to:

  • assess diaphragmatic weakness in patients with neuromuscular disease (NMD)
  • assess respiratory muscle strength in patients undergoing pulmonary rehabilitation e.g., COPD patients
  • monitor the response of respiratory muscle training


The Pneumotrac with RMS has all the benefits of the market leading Pneumotrac Spirometer with the addition of respiratory muscle strength measurements.



The Pneumotrac with RMS comes with:

  • MIP MEP flowheads
  • Spirotrac 6 Software
  • Protective carry pouch
  • USB cable


Free 5-Year Warranty with unlimited technical support if registered within 30-days of purchase.

The Pneumotrac with RMS has all the benefits of the market leading Pneumotrac Spirometer with the addition of respiratory muscle strength measurements.


Optional Extras / Consumables

Model Number Product Number Product Description Quantity in box
2820 28551 Eco BVF + Silicone Bite-On Mouthpiece + Disposable Nose Clip 60
28553* Eco BVF with Plastic Bite Lip + Disposable Nose Clip 75
28554 Eco BVF with Plastic Bite Lip 75
28572* Eco BVF for Office Spirometers + Disposable Nose Clip 80
28501 Eco BVF for Office Spirometers 100
3290 32956 SNIP Nasal Probes  consisting of 10 x  Small, 10 X Medium, 10 X Large 30
32981 SNIP Nasal Probes consisting of 30 x Small 30
32982 SNIP Nasal Probes consisting of 30 x Medium 30
32983 SNIP Nasal Probes consisting of 30 x Large 30

*available to order.

  • Easily Interpreted Results:
    • Overlay of successive curves for consistent results.
    • Multiple options for displaying graphs.
    • Instant test quality feedback as per ATS/ERS guidelines so that the maximum pressure sustained for 1 second can be recorded.
    • Fast evaluation of results with %Predicted comparison.
    • Customisable pdf reports.
    • Monitor historical changes in lung function by comparing results and view trends over time. Trend MIP, MEP, SNIP, and VC on the one chart for a complete history.
  • Onscreen Testing Guidance:
    • Instant test quality feedback as per ATS/ERS guidelines ensuring maximum pressure sustained for 1 second can be recorded.
    • Repeatability feedback for rapid and easy testing.
    • Real-time display of pressure/time curve on Spirotrac 6 software.
  • Exceptional Test Accuracy:
    • Superior resolution of 0.1 cmH20 for MIP, MEP, and SNIP testing.
  • Hygienically Efficient:
    • Low running costs and environmentally friendly: no costly disposable sensors, turbines, or flow tubes.
    • Single-use Vitalograph Bacterial Viral Filters (BVF™) with validated cross-contamination efficiency >99.999%, protect device, patient, and operator.
Vitalograph Pneumotrac with RMS
Model Number 6800
MIP MEP SNIP Measurement Range +/- 300 cmH2O
MIP MEP SNIP Accuracy +/- 3%
Resolution 0.1 cmH20
RMS Predicted Sets Wilson, Stefanutti/Uldry/Fitting
Spirometry Test Types VC, FVC, PCF, Post-Bronchodilator
Flow Detection Principal Fleisch flow technology
Volume Accuracy Within ±2.5%
Flow Measurement Range Max. flow rate ±960 L/min (±16 L/s) Min. flow rate ±1.2 L/min (±0.02 L/s)
PEF Accuracy Within ±10%
Back pressure Less than 0.1kPa/L/second @ 14L/s
Performance standards & guidelines ATS/ERS 2019, ISO 23747:2015 & ISO 26782:2009
Safety standards EN60601-1:2006 + A1:2013, EN 60601-1-2:2015
QA/GMP standards EN ISO 13485, FDA 21 CFR 820, SOR/98-282 JPAL MDSAP
Dimensions 160mm (length) x95mm (width) x 115mm (height)
Weight 550g
Power Supply 5V DC via USB
Spirotrac 6 Software Specification Spirotrac 6 Software

Product Specification


Yes, the Pneumotrac with RMS is different from the standard Pneumotrac in that it contains extra hardware and an extra connection port to perform the respiratory muscle measurements of MIP, MEP, and SNIP.

No, the Pneumotrac with RMS contains additional hardware with an extra connection port on the base unit that enables you to use the MIP, MEP flowheads and the SNIP nasal probes for respiratory muscle measurements.

Where a new BVF is used for each subject, only the Fleish flowhead, MIP flowhead and MEP flowhead which comes into contact with subjects being tested, requires low level cleaning. For cleaning instructions refer to Hygiene & Cleaning Instructions


The interior of a flowhead does not require decontamination where a new BVF is used for each subject. However, if there is a possibility of contamination, it is possible to decontaminate the flowhead following Hygiene & Cleaning Instructions

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