Our People

We design solutions for you.

We take pride in being flexible, easily contactable, approachable and willing to do what it takes to make your study a success. Our teams have a very broad experience in their specialist fields. This means we are able to provide you with expert advice and highly flexible solutions which support quality data capture.

At Vitalograph, we listen to your requirements and plan a detailed solution to deliver a high-quality approach to fit your budget and timeline. Our team will prioritise your success. We are driven to ensure you get data you can rely on every time.

Project Manager

Choosing Vitalograph as your partner equips you with an experienced, customer focused and approachable Project Manager.

We understand that Project Managers are a key element in every successful study. They positively impact the time and cost of your research, while managing the project essentials and keeping you fully up to date with progress at all times. Our team look to support you with value-adding information and recommendations.

A Project Manager is assigned to you at the start of our partnership. That person is available to you as your point of contact throughout your study. Not only is your Project Manager easily contactable, they will also provide you with direct access to our clinical specialists and other experts whenever necessary. Your Project Manager will proactively keep you informed of progress, trends and risks so that your trial runs smoothly and on schedule.

Our Project Manager works for you, to achieve your targets, and ensures a smooth flow of work throughout your study.

We manage, so you succeed.

Clinical Respiratory Physiologist

Vitalograph’s Clinical Respiratory Physiologists are experts in a range of respiratory therapeutic areas. Our team provide a range of functions which support the quality of clinical data – from protocol review, to training and over-reading. You will benefit from their clinical expertise as they support your clinical team.

Performing the over-reading (Data QA) function, our Clinical Respiratory Physiologists are in a unique position to monitor data quality, assess trends and provide feedback to site staff and sponsor teams. They provide insight and recommendations on the respiratory aspects of protocols and are assigned to your study for the duration of the trial.

Working closely with the Project Manager, our Clinical Respiratory Physiologists identify and sort any potential risks so that your study runs smoothly. They recommend operational design, initial system specification, and the site and subject experience. They also work with the Training Manager to apply their expertise to training content. This ensures site staff are trained to the highest standards to collect the best data possible.

With access to Key Opinion Leaders, our Clinical Respiratory Physiologists will provide additional specialist expertise and recommendations for your teams when necessary.

Our expertise is yours.

Training Manager

Our Training Manager designs training solutions specific to your study needs and site staff experience. We create training programs specifically for each trial because we know that the best data is achieved from site staff who have had quality training.

Once training is complete, your site staff are not just competent and confident to use the system, they are also able to coach their subjects to give consistent best effort. This means efficient workflow and less downtime due to errors or lack of knowledge. You can be confident that your data is accurate and reliable.

We know everyone learns differently, so we use a range of training media including face-to-face, interactive e-learning including video, and web meetings, to get the most effective training. We are also on hand to support your staff during the course of the study, especially if changes occur which require additional or refresher training.

We design, educate and support.

Software Developer

Our in-house team of software developers are experts in adapting Vitalograph Spirotrac software and Web Portal to capture study specific assessment endpoints. Their expertise means that we can provide streamlined systems to match your processes.

We adapt Spirotrac so that your site staff only see and capture what they need to, reducing site burden and interpretation, while allowing site staff to focus on their patients. The software will guide your site staff through simple-to-use workflows which match protocol designs.

Our software is your solution.

Site Support

Our in-house team of experienced support technicians are ready to deal with calls and emails from site staff anywhere in the world. Teams are based in Japan, UK, Ireland and USA ensuring that calls are answered around the clock. Trained in the specific requirements of each trial, our teams have direct access to study specific reference materials.

We know when site staff and CRAs call, it is usually because they want instant help. So, we aim to close the call successfully in one call – no passing to another line, no menu options. We make sure that each technician has the skills required to answer the broadest range of queries. On the very rare occasion when an issue takes longer to resolve, we won’t keep you hanging on the line, we will call you back swiftly with an update and resolution. We work a policy of taking ownership for calls so we will personally close the call with you.

We are the people you can rely on.

Key Account Executive

We assign each customer with a Key Account Executive who acts as your advisor and expert on Vitalograph solutions. Your Key Account Executive provides a direct point of contact to link studies within a programme, seeking to deliver efficiencies and build on lessons learned, saving the sponsor study team time and cost through duplicated effort.

We know that you may need to explore a range of options to assess feasibility, the Key Account Executive is there to ensure that all possible solutions are considered to assess if they meet your needs. Requirements identified in pre-award discussions are communicated effectively to our project team without the need to revisit or question.

Our Key Account Executives are also there to provide support throughout the duration of your study and can be trusted to educate and to make recommendations which aid the smooth running of the trial.

Providing expert advice, guidance and support.

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We offer many varied solutions and processes and we are happy to discuss your study needs and make recommendations to help you achieve your goals.