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Throughout the year, our Education & Training Team organise various webinars covering several topics relevant to respiratory healthcare. 

From spirometry training from our Clinical Application Specialists to webinars with a specific Clinical Trials focus, our webinars are delivered by experts in their chosen field and are free to attend.

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Vitalograph Webinar

Guiding Asthma Care with Spirometry, FeNO, and Oscillometry

Our next webinar is
Guiding Asthma Care with Spirometry, FeNO, and Oscillometry, presented by David A. Kaminsky, MD at September 28th, 2023
Brought to you by RT Magazine, we are excited to announce our upcoming webinar in collaboration with Thorasys. We will be exploring the different types of complementary respiratory diagnostics that together bring a new level of insight and understanding of respiratory conditions.
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make spirometry work for you

Make Spirometry Work for You

Presented by:

Charlene Mhangami

Overview of Oscillometry

Overview of Oscillometry

Presented by:

David A. Kaminsky, MD

chronic cough

What’s in a Cough? Cough Frequency as an Endpoint.

Presented by:

Professor Jacky Smith

Audio Analysis in Medicine: Respiratory and Cough Sounds

Presented by:

Yaniv Zigel PhD

Pneumotrac Spirometer

The Efficacy of Centralised Spirometry Testing and the use of AI in Clinical Trials.

Presented by:

Carl Mottram

ALS Chris McDermott

Clinical Research Considerations for Lung Function Assessment in ALS Studies

Presented by:

Prof Chris McDermott

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