The Exhale Podcast

Welcome to Exhale, a podcast series discussing topical information about respiratory diagnostics and lung health.

  • Pulmonary Fibrosis, An Advocate’s Story

    Teresa Barnes had never heard of Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF) until family members were tragically affected by it. Tune in to hear her inspiring story.

    16 August 2023

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  • Trikafta and Me

    Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic condition that damages the lungs and digestive system, affects about 70,000 people worldwide. There is no […]

    19 July 2023

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  • Healthcare Technology and the Role of Electronic Health Records

    John is the creator of  Healthcare IT Today  It recognizes that the world of technology and healthcare is ever-changing in new […]

    30 September 2022

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  • How UK Primary Care physicians deal with asthma

    We had an opportunity to speak with Dr Dermot Ryan to discuss Primary Care physicians in the United Kingdom and how they deal with Asthma.

    15 August 2022

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  • Chronic Cough in Primary Care

    Dr. Jane Frances Namatovu is a highly regarded primary care physician and lecturer at the Department of Family Medicine, School […]

    5 August 2022

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  • Luke Marshall Digital Expert

    Luke Marshall, founder and CEO of VitalFlo, a remote monitoring for lung health.  This predictive and preventative respiratory health company […]

    22 July 2022

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  • COPD Caregiver’s Toolkit

    Vitalograph speaks with Joel Africk, President and CEO of the Respiratory Health Association. We discussed RHA's new digital COPD caregiver’s toolkit.

    8th June 2022

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