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Our History

Vitalograph was founded in 1963 when Dietmar Garbe developed a robust portable spirometer to screen coal miners for a disease called pneumoconiosis, also known as Black Lung.

Prior to this, spirometers were large, heavy instruments only suitable for use in lung function laboratories. The new spirometer, called “The Vitalograph”, quickly became extremely popular and transformed lung function testing in the UK by making screening faster and easier for healthcare professionals.

A Journey Through Our History

Vitalograph Today

Our products are now used in general healthcare and occupational health settings in over 113 countries.

We remain focussed on spirometry and respiratory diagnostics with a product range that includes lung & asthma monitors, COPD screeners, medical workstations, software and consumables. Our devices have won numerous awards and we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in product development.

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We have a dedicated clinical trials team providing services to leading pharmaceutical companies, biotech and contract research organizations. Our products and services have been used in clinical trials worldwide in over 65 countries and our clinical trials team have an excellent reputation for being flexible and responsive.

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Advances in technology, electronics, software and communications are constantly opening new opportunities for Vitalograph. We continue to strive for excellence and to embrace the pioneering spirit on which the company was founded.

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